Dan Arcus

Born on 5 June 1983 in Galati, Romania, Dan lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

He graduated the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, a well-known incubator of successful emergent artists.

He joined the online art market only three years ago and his works are now part of more than one hundred private collections around the world.

Faceless figures, in absurd situations, common people, living in an ignorant society are all usual subjects for Dan’s radiography of contemporary times.

In a very short period, he managed to establish a style where the colour is treated as an unexpected intervention, sudden, like an accident. That creates action on the character sometimes static and a spectator himself. In each composition, there is a strong relationship between the figure, the gesture and the environment, with hidden meanings for which the title serves as a guide for contemplation.

He works in multiple techniques and mediums with a preference for the dry pastel and charcoal because “it gives the painting a velvet texture with very little reflections which keeps the colours saturated and the contrasts deep and spectacular”.

« The wanderers » – Huile sur toile – 160 x 210 c
« Fish tank » – 90 x 120 cm – acrylique sur toile
« In and out » – 90 x 100 cm – acrylique sur toile
« Light drops from above » – 110 x 90 cm – huile sur toile
« Hail to our beloved leader » – 110 x 90 cm – pastel et fusain sur papier